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2012 Regional Specialty Course Registration Instructions

Welcome to on-line registration for continuing education specialty courses! Congratulations on the opportunity to learn and grow as a Nurse with Kaiser Permanente. To streamline the registration process, you are responsible for creating a profile in the registration system with all your contact information. Please see your manager regarding the simple instructions on how to accomplish this task.

All Courses Require Manager Approval
Course registration is restricted to employees who are already hired into positions within specialty units and have manager's approval to enroll. These courses are not open to outsite interest.
Download and register 2012 PCS calendar * >>
*Note: Please download the 2012 PCS calendar and use the links embedded on the event date to register.
Irene H. Kawashima, MSN
Consultant, Regional
Med/Surg, CC, DOU
626 405-6272 Tie 335
Lori Schultz, RN, MN
Consultant, Regional
Leadership, PeriOp,
Charge Nurse,
626 405-6575 Tie 335
Li-Ying Bridges, RN, CNS,
M.Ed., MSN

Consultant, Regional
Peds, NICU, Chemo
626 405-3637 Tie 335

Linda Coy, RN, MSN, Ed ,
Project Manager III, Education - PACU, Laser Safety
626-405-5766 Tie 335


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